Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I could say that this weekend was the worst, one for the books even. But I can't. Because it was also one of the best.

On Saturday night I was having severe chest pains (due to my heart condition), I get them a lot but not this bad. So I told my boyfriend it was getting worse and off the the emergency room we went. Apparently my hospital was the only one open in the area that night (weird?) so it was packed and they only had 7 beds. We arrived there at about 1 in the morning. They always take me into triage right away because of my heart condition. So they called me in, gave me a bracelet, and checked me in. A few minutes later they called me back to take some blood - OUCH! As I cried because the lady poked me on accident, Kyle was right there holding my hand and telling me it was okay. Since there wasn't a bed for me yet I had to go back out into the waiting room and wait until one was available. It took 2 long, painful, annoying hours. But Kyle was right next to me, holding me, letting me sleep on his chest and holding my hand. Finally around 3am there was a bed for me! I had to wait for one with a heart monitor. I took my first EKG and the doctor said it wasn't good. So I was out on oxygen. Which was a first for me. I laid there with all these wires, machines, and oxygen attached to me. All while Kyle only had a little chair to sit on and wait. I had one more EKG which looked better, and one X-ray before I got some pain medicine! Ridiculous, but whatever. They finally came in and they usually give me basic Tylenol but this time they gave me a nitro patch. So I waited for it to work and it did! Pretty soon after I started to get a migraine. Kyle told me that was one of the side affects (mr. EMT). It got really really bad and on top of that they lady came back in to take even more blood! I was miserable. But after that i got to sleep for a while. Poor Kyle had to toss and turn on a little chair. He amazed me this weekend. We haven't really been able to spend much time together because of his work schedule so this was the most I've seen him all week! Too bad it had to be spent in the emergency room. Kyle was there holding my hand, telling me it will all be okay, rubbing my head, talking to my doctors, making sure they knew my medical history, being the most supportive boyfriend ever. Finally, at around 8am I was discharged. We went home and slept until about 3 I think! When we woke up we were STARVING having not eaten since dinner the night before. So we went to chipotle! Yummy! We took it home and watched a movie. Even after I got home Kyle was still so careful with me and still making sure I was ok! He was so great to me! The whole time I was in the hospital I just kind of looked at him and thought, I am so lucky to have this guy in my life and by my side!

I loved being able to spend so much time with Kyle but I hated the circumstances haha. I'm feeling a lot better now and now have tons of appts to go to to make sure this doesn't keep happening! I'll be happy when I find a way around all of this!

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